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Pick your landscaping stone:

Other uses for ignored stones

  • 3/4 inch red stone

  • 3/4 inch Delaware stone

  • 1 inch Delaware

  • 1-3 inch Delaware

  • 2-4 inch Goose

  • Landscaping boulders

  • Outline flower beds

  • Create levels in your garden

  • Create a natural landscape

  • Just for visual appeal

  • And much more!


Properly placed stones and boulders do it.

Don't go anywhere else for landscaping accent pieces

The good news is that you can get all your landscaping stone and plants in the same place. Pascarella Nursery offers a wide selection of stone for projects, decoration, and accent pieces.

Don't worry about getting your new, heavy stones and boulders home.

Ask about our convenient delivery services. Schedule your time.

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